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Welcome to the new TIAI Home Page! We are glad you made it to our corner of the web.

We have a Certificate of Incorporation of the State of New York to operate as a Type A corporation under Section 402 of the Not-For-Profit Corporation Law State of New York.  A Federal non-profit 501(c)7. 

  "Terwilligers in America, Inc.", a non-profit corporation, created in 2010, formerly "Terwilliger Family Association of the Huguenot Historical Society"  to provide a place to share genealogical and family information for those interested in the family surname of Terwilliger and related sur names found in America.  TIAI intends to share genealogy of the Terwilliger sur name with members and friends of the corporation to continue to learn about the Terwilliger family.

  The mission of the Terwilligers in America, Inc. to maintain a genealogy data base of all the Terwillgers in America who are (1)the descendants of (Dirck (Terwilliger) who was born in Vianen, Holland ca. 1610, and (2)the descendants of Janse Evert (Terwilliger) ca. 1659 of Albany N.Y.   To connect the above said descendants of which some had  fought in the American Revolution.

A Terwilliger DNA surname group with Family Tree Surname group.  The Y-DNA Haplogroup is I1.  see link.

We are now also working with The Historical Society of Shawangunk and Gardiner.

We are also looking for new Terwilliger home pages to add to our list - if you know of one, send us the URL!

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