"Terwilliger's by the Terwilliger In America Inc.


"Terwilliger's by the Terwilligers In America Inc.":

Publishing Terwilliger genealogy is one of the original goals of the Terwilligers In America Inc. It has created a digital genealogy family tree data base.  This file contains 17605 individuals, 6173 families, 3303 unique surnames, their are 10390 individuals connected to Evert Dircz.  A CD is available for $30.  The TFA goal is to connect as many Terwilliger's together as possible.  So we hope Terwilliger's and related people will continue to have their genealogy added to this file.  So please email or sent to Terry any information you would like her to incorporate into to the TFA data base.

The index of the names in the data base can be found by clicking on Terwilliger Family Archives on the Homepage.





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